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The Wisconsin Herbalist is a group of mostly Wisconsin herbies, who like to spread the word about plants and their many uses.  However, herbies from other states and countries, both close and far, have honored us by contributing incredible articles too!

Thanks to your contributions, the Wisconsin Herbalist newsletter has published a wealth of information for us to all enjoy and study.  Thank you for your submissions!

Each issue is free and will be posted for your review in Febraury, Mary, August and November (quarterly).

Our next issue will be out in February 2017 - please have any submissions in by 1 February.

We have found that we have many great herbies in Wisconsin and their interests in herbs are as varied as the Midwestern landscape. 

Judging from your responses, many of you are interested in using herbs in all aspects of their lives. 

Interestingly, the culinary herbies are starting to see their “cooking” herbs and spices as more than flavors and have been asking for recipes to improve nutrition and for easy syrups, etc.

For additional tips, recipes, calendar items, upcoming events, and newsletters reminders, information will be posted on the Wisconsin Herbalist FACEBOOK page.

Have a great gardening year!


Jackie Johnson ND, Editor

Planhigion Herbal Learning Center

Northeast Wisconsin Unit of the Herb Society of America

Wolf River Master Gardener

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