The Wisconsin Herbalist

Articles Wanted


How can you participate?  The following list includes some suggestions, areas, and/or information needed for possible submissions:

Tell us about your organization (location, areas of expertise, gardens, etc.).

List calendar events (sponsor/organization, where, what, when, cost, and contact information). 

Forward herbal or garden articles (how to garden, how to use herbs or plants, how to incorporate plants into crafts, etc.).  Please cite any sources in your submissions. 

Share your recipes.  Please cite any sources in your submissions, if you have them. 

Provide ideas for any good books or resources regarding herbs or gardens.   

Review fictional books with herbs or plants in them (i.e. the Susan Wittig Albert series).    

Review non-fictional herbal books you've run across and find beneficial. 

List any good gardening websites.   

Forward seasonal information to help others (planning, planting, harvesting, etc.).

Share public garden locations that you have visited and might be a good "road trip" for your follow herbies.

Communicate ideas of "going green" including recipes, recycling, fertilizing, etc.

Post pictures of your plants, herbs, gardens, statues, and any whimsical gardening nooks.

Issues and Deadlines:

The 1st quarter issue will be posted during the week of February 15 (deadline for submissions: January 15).

The 2nd quarter issue will be posted during the week of May 15 (deadline for submissions: April 15).

The 3rd quarter issue will be posted during the week of  August 15 (deadline for submissions: July 15).

The 4th quarter issue will be posted during the week of  November 15 (deadline for submissions: October 15).  

All submissions should include your name, the name of your group or organization, citations for any sources that may be part of your article, and your email address.

Your article submission entitles you to up to a full page ad in that issue.  Send it in a Word document with your article.

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